Archigram: Experimental Archtecture 1961-74
Guimaraes, Portugal
13 October to 9 December, 2012 more

After twelve years on the road, the ARCHIGRAM Exhibition has concluded its world tour with an extremely popular presentation at the Art Tower Mito in Japan last year. All those old favourites, the 300+ drawings, fifteen models, the Plug-in wall, the Opera, videos and the Archigram office as it was in the early seventies, and L.A.W.U.N. (including the stuffed dog) are all packed away in their crates. No doubt they will all reappear again, perhaps in central Europe sometime next year.
If anybody out there is interested in making a presentation in the future they should contact us at Meanwhile you might like to see some views of the exhibtion in Japan, London, Taipei and Chicago – follow the links.

The ARCHIGRAM GROUP were awarded the 2002 Royal Gold Medal for Architecture and Archigramers Peter Cook and David Greene were the joint winners of the RIBA's Annie Spink Award for Excellence in Education.